At Neubus, we believe in building our business around you.

Through a host of competitive advantages and our unique approach to services, Neubus has become the market leader in helping government agencies capture, store, manage, and share documents and information.

Neubus Advantages

Flexibility - The entire Neubus team is committed to your satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible levels of service to our customers.  Whether you need to capture a few boxes full of paper or entire file rooms of information, we'll work with you to understand your needs and provide the hardware, software, and staff to help you achieve your goals.  Read about some of our customer success stories now.

Scalability - Neubus solutions are completely scalable, whether you have 7 employees or 70,000.  We operate some of the largest production scanning facilities in Central Texas and use the same open technology platform and proven processes for every client.  Our pricing is determined by the type and volume of work you require.  This way, every customer achieves a rapid ROI not possible with other pre-packaged software implementations. 

Best-in-Breed Technology and Practices - We focus on the latest advancements in document imaging to ensure that we bring you the most effective solutions available.   Most software vendors must promote their own technologies, regardless of whether or not they're the best available.  At Neubus, we start with a platform built on open standards and developed by our experts to allow for maximum customization and features. Then, we integrate other industry-leading technologies to offer the best possible solution for your needs. Read about our services now.

Security - We offer secure, online and off-line storage, backup, and recovery services to ensure the redundancy of your critical records, minimize the risk of loss, and aid in disaster recovery.  Additionally, our staff members are subjected to rigorous background testing and training, and we provide 24/7 monitoring of our production facilities to protect the integrity of your documents.

Competitive pricing - Neubus invests heavily in technology and process innovations, enabling us to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.  Often, working with other software vendors, systems integrators, or service bureaus can mean that you have to pay additional fees for every organization involved in the process. Each company will have a profit margin to cover, built into your transaction cost as hardware and licensing fees, custom development work, installation services, staffing, annual maintenance fees, software upgrades, or other products and services. Because Neubus is a single source provider, there are no other parties involved to increase your fees.  You pay for only the type and amount of service you need. 

Rapid Deployment - Most complex, packaged software programs aren't set up for rapid customization based on the unique needs of government agencies, and they can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months to roll out.  Neubus solutions were designed with your needs in mind.  We can help you achieve cost savings and greater efficiency by deploying most systems in just 6 to 8 weeks.

Accountability - With one-stop service, you'll only have one company to call for help with your solution, and our team is never more than a phone call away. Outsource your time and effort-intensive document conversion functions to the industry experts, and allow your team to retain its focus on your agency's core objectives.

Read more about our approach now, or contact Neubus to learn how we can help you today.