Frequently Asked Questions

TSM Indoor Soccer 2022-2023

  1. If I register my child for the Indoor Soccer Open League at Rise Indoor Sports Complex, will we travel to Proehlific Park to play any games?
    • No. Your child will ONLY play games at the Complex in which you registered them. The two leagues DO NOT intermix.
  2. If we are registering a team from the outdoor season, how do we do that and keep them together? 
    • When registering, there is an area where the player will comment on which team/coach they’d like to play for. Put the team/coach name here and we will keep them together. They can also state other players that they’d like to play with in the Comment section. 
  3. When does the Indoor Soccer Open league begin? 
    • The week after Thanksgiving. We will be closed (WITH NO GAMES) Dec. 19-Jan 3.
  4. When does the Recreational training/game combo begin? 
    • The week of January 30, 2023
  5. What time are games on weeknights?
    • Games run from 5:30-8:30 pm
  6. Are there boards around the fields at Rise like there were at SoccerPlex? If not, what happens when the ball goes out of bounds?
    • No, there are no boards. If the ball goes out, there is a kick in to restart. 
  7. What is the difference between the two offered programs? Open League play and Recreational training/game combo? 
    • Open League play is just games. Teams will compete once a week for 40 minutes (running clock). There will be a playoff or a winner (by points) at the end of the 7 weeks. There are no practices. The Recreational training/game combo is a combination of training and small sided games. The training will take place in the first half hour and then small sided games will follow for the second half hour. Training will be conducted by one of our TSM or Fusion staff members. This program lasts 6 weeks.
  8. Do I need to purchase a jersey for my child to play in the indoor open league? And what color? 
    • No jerseys are necessary for this league. Each team must choose a color and have an alternate color with them in case the opposing team has the same color. These can be t-shirts. They can be your child’s team’s jerseys from the fall season. The coach can provide pinnies as an alternate color if you’d like. There are no rules here, as long as there are two teams playing each other in different colors!
  9. For the Recreational training/game combo, what does my child need to participate? 
    • Indoor soccer shoes/running shoes, shin guards, and a water bottle.
  10. For the Open League, will coaches be provided?
    • No coaches will be provided for Open League play. Each team will provide a coach/parent volunteer to sub kids in and out. 
  11. Can you wear cleats on the turf at Rise and/or at Proehlific Park? 
    • Indoor soccer shoes or running shoes only.
  12. Everyone on my child’s outdoor fall team would like to register to play in the Open League. How can they all play together when 10 is the limit per roster? 
    • With 14 players minimum, we will form two teams under your child’s team’s name. EX: RJR GOLD and RJR BLACK. We will then double roster EVERY player on that entire outdoor team. “RJR GOLD” and “RJR BLACK” will play back to back on your given night of games. 10 players max can “dress” for each game. Any player can play and they can play in both games if they’d like. There just can’t be more than 10 players on the sidelines during any one game. 
  13. My daughter plays up an age group for outdoor soccer. Can I register her for the older age group for the Open League even though it’s not her birth year? 
    • Yes. You can register for an older age group for Open League. Just not in a younger age group. In the Rec Training/Combo, we have a little more flexibility. Email me and I can work something out!! leanekuhnerTSM@gmail.com
  14. If I have a team of mixed birth years, EX: 2008 and 2007, which age group do I register them for?
    • You would register them in the oldest age group. In this case, 2007. Which would be the JV High School age group.


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