Policies and Procedures to Play!

For the safety of our guests as well as the durability and cleanliness of our facility, we thank you for following our policies and procedures! Failure to abide by these policies and procedures could result in your removal from the facility by the TSM Staff.

  • Metal spiked shoes are not allowed.
  • You may not have food, drinks, or glass on the fields.
  • Chewing Gum is not allowed anywhere in the facility.
  • Smoking is not allowed- inside or out.
  • No pets.
  • No vehicles of any kind allowed in the facility or on the fields.
  • All participants who desire to play MUST fill out and sign a waiver before being allowed to play. (Click the button below to download, print, or share this waiver.

Inclement Weather Policy

If the TSM staff, or any visitors to the facility, hears thunder or sees lightening, all outdoor rentals must seek shelter and come indoors for 30 minutes. This 30 minute time period will restart with every successive thunder or lightening.

If you you are unable to complete 50% of your rental time due to inclement weather, you will be refunded or your rental rescheduled. However, if 50% of the rental is able to be completed, no refund will be given.

Thank you for understanding and respecting our inclement weather policy.

-The TSM Staff

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