Capture images to eliminate paper, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Neubus offers a full suite of Web services built on our Electronic Service Delivery platform, allowing you to convert physical documents into secure, accessible, electronic files. 

From employment claims and medical records to tax assessments and license applications, government agencies rely heavily on paper documents and records.  Without automated capture services in place, receiving, recording, and filing these documents can be labor-intensive, inefficient, and costly.

Neubus operates some of the largest and most advanced document capture facilities in Texas.  Using industry-leading, high-volume scanners and an open technology platform, we convert all of your documents into usable, searchable electronic records. We capture images and data from your paper and digital files and deliver them in real-time to a Neubus-hosted online solution, or via CD, DVD, tape, portable hard drive, or FTP transfer. 

Our sophisticated document capture process combines optical character recognition (OCR) and data extracted from your existing systems to automatically capture not only index data, but also the metadata associated with each document. This includes information needed to support rapid, effective search and retrieval as well as the metadata required for records management

Whether you choose to maintain all scanning operations on-site or leverage Neubus' high-volume production facilities, your staff can use our Production Control Service (PCS) to plan and control the efficient, effective flow of physical documents into our system for digital conversion.  PCS provides your employees with up-to-the-minute visibility into the progress of your documents.  Your team members can track files in real-time, from document pickup or transfer to scanning, imaging, indexing, and return to your agency.

Neubus' turnkey capture solutions provide unmatched value by including the hardware, software, and staff resources you need, whether your agency has just a few boxes of paper or entire file rooms of information.  Our employees are screened using rigorous background checks and research, and we offer 24/7 monitoring to protect the security and integrity of your important documents. 

By automating the capture process and transforming your documents into digital files, we can help your agency become more efficient and effective, and improve transaction speed and access to information.  You get the value of intelligent capture for a low per page fee, without the burden of software licensing, annual maintenance, or additional full-time staff. 

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