Automate the secure storage and retention of your records.

Neubus offers a full suite of Web services built on our Electronic Service Delivery platform. Our Automated Storage and Records Management Services enable your agency to store critical records in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Paper documents create inefficient processes and require storage space and staff to administer.  Your physical files are also at risk of fire, loss, and deterioration over time. 

Many of the available electronic storage solutions on the market claim to address these problems, but they require hardware purchases, software license fees, annual maintenance fees, and training - all based on the vendor's business model, not yours.

At Neubus, we know that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to storage.  We provide highly automated, tiered, storage services, assigning categories of data to different types of storage media.  We select the most cost-effective solution for each business need to ensure that you get the best return on your investment.  Each storage tier differs in the type of hardware we use, the performance of the hardware, the scalability of that tier, the availability of the data, and the policies used for managing the data.

This storage model provides a unique level of control to help you maintain important records and comply with records management standards.  While other vendors focus on the capture and document management aspects of your paper conversion, overlooking the need for effective records management. Neubus understands the files we store, so we can efficiently manage the life cycle of the information through our Records Management Service.

Neubus services follow DOD 5015.2 and make it far more efficient for you to comply with the standard. We capture all of the critical information about your files during the conversion process, identifying records and the record series to which they belong.  Then, we automate the classification of documents as we digitize them, capturing the metadata necessary for records management and making the exercise effortless for your staff.  Mapping each file type to its retention schedule during capture allows us to define secure, automated processes to maintain or dispose of documents according to their retention schedule.

By combining our automated storage and records management services with capture, information management, and sharing services, you can increase access to information, improve security and control of your documents, and allow your staff members to focus on activities that are more in line with your agency's core competencies.

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