Check out all the updates to our Year Round Adult Leagues!  All Bermuda Run based leagues play the at Rise Indoor Sports

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Adult Indoor/Outdoor Leagues

Indoor Leagues - Tuesday 5v5

This league is designed for adults (18 and over) looking to play for fun! Games are 40 minutes in length, with a running clock.  REFEREES WILL BE INCLUDED THIS YEAR!  The games start one right after the other, so please be on time for your games.   Teams can be all men, all women, or COED.

2023  Winter  League  Dates and Cost

Dates: January 24th – March 14th

Registration Deadline: January 20th

Times: Tuesday Nights, 8:00, 8:45, and 9:30 game times

8 games guaranteed.

Cost: Individual- $75/player, Team- $550/team (must make 1 payment or else all players pay “individual” fee)

Roster:  Roster size is 8 per team.  However, additional players may be added to the roster at $75 per player; until 10 players roster. You could do Rotating Roster (RR)

Format:  5v5 (4 + GK), 40 minute games (running clock), REFEREES INCLUDED THIS YEAR!

Individuals will be placed on a TSM House team.

Do’s and Don’t of the COED Rec league

  • Bring a good attitude!  We want everyone to be able to have fun, no matter your skill level.
  • Be smart when you play.Bring your friends, and have them play! Sign up as a team, or if you don’t have quite enough for a full roster, we can help fill in spots.


  • Come in trying to run up the score on teams you play. It’s no fun for anyone if you win 20-0.
  • Try to hurt anybody. Everyone is playing at a different level, and nobody likes to be kicked in the shins, or pushed into a wall.
Monday thru Sunday FUTBOL SALA


FUTBOL SALA Leagues are managed by Manny Pereda.  All year around. These leagues include Women’s Leagues, Men’s Leagues (Division A, B & C), Youth leagues, Over 35’s League, and late night Restaurant Leagues.


Mixed Coed League, Restaurant League


Mens League, Restaurant League


Over 35s League

Womens League


Youth Leagues with different age groups from 2013-2007(Based on year born)


Youth Leagues with different age groups from 2013-2007(Based on year born), Womens League, Mens League, Over 40s League

For more details, please contact Manny at soccerplexmanager@gmail.com or 336-486-3311.

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