Indoor Soccer League Rules & Regulations

(Rise Indoor Sports and Prohlefic Park)



  1. Have Fun! Everyone likes winning, but please keep in mind that this is a great opportunity to play soccer in a different environment and enjoy that change!
  2. Be good sports! There are a lot of goals scored in indoor soccer. If you are winning by a large margin, please try to keep it within reason.
  3. Be respectful of the facility! We are not outdoors. Turfs and flats are acceptable. Please keep the facility clean. Please do not SPIT on the turf or off the field and do not chew gum while playing on the fields!
  1. Spectators are strongly encouraged to sit in designated areas with bleachers. There are a set of bleachers at all 4 fields at Rise Indoor Sports and benches at all 3 fields at Proehlific Park. Please do not sit on the same side of the field as the players. We ask that spectators please respect the game and refrain from incessant yelling.



  1. If rules not specified below, please refer to standard outdoor rules.
  2. The Ball: The game will be played with a Futsal ball.
  3. The Players: All youth leagues play 5v5 including the goalkeeper.

A youth team must have a minimum of 3 players including the goalkeeper start the game.  If a team does not the minimum number of players, the other team is awarded a forfeit 10-0 victory.  Referees will wait 5 minutes to award a forfeit.  If during play, the number of players on the field drops below the minimum number of players to play the game, the game continues.

Substitutions occur ‘on the fly’. You may substitute at any time, but the player must wait until the player they are replacing leaves the field. A player coming off must observe the “surrender rule” and not attempt to play the ball as they are leaving the field. If a team is playing with too many players, the other team will be awarded an indirect free kick at midfield and the player must leave the field.

The goalkeeper CANNOT handle the ball outside the goal area line.  The infraction results in a restart according to the age group.  Once outside the goal area, the goalkeeper is considered a player.  The goalkeeper may play the ball with his/her feet back into the goal area and then pick it up, provided the ball has not been played back (pass back) to the keeper by one of his/her own players.  Goalkeeper may not use hands on a deliberate pass back from a teammate.  Restart is an indirect free kick from the spot where the keeper touches the ball or, if inside the goal area, the closest spot on the goal area arc.

No punting or drop kicks.  Restart is an indirect free kick by the opposing team at the half line.  Goalkeeper may throw the ball or put the ball down and play with their feet.  The ball can pass across the half way line.  The goalkeeper can score by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal.

  1. The Players’ Equipment:  Players MAY NOT WEAR OUTDOOR CLEATS; running shoes or turf shoes are acceptable.  . Players must wear shin guards.
  2. The Referee:  Decisions made by the referee will be final.  Our referees have been instructed to have “Player Safety” as their Number 1 Priority.


  1. Duration of the Game: All games will be played in 40 minute time blocks in league play. When a game ends the teams have 5 minutes to exit the fields for the next teams. If a team wastes 5 minutes getting onto the field, their game will only be 35 minutes long. Running clock – No stoppages due to injuries or other problems.
  2. Start and Stop of Play: The game is started with a kickoff and following a goal.  The visiting team, listed second on the match report, will kickoff.  All kickoffs will start at midfield following the referee’s whistle. You cannot score from a kickoff.

All fouls or infractions in u7 to u12 games are restarted with an indirect kick except for a foul by the defending team in the goal area. The restart is a penalty kick.

All fouls in u13 and up are restarted with a direct free kick or penalty kick for fouls by the defending team in the goal area.  Some infractions such as a pass back to the keeper, the ball hitting the net, and the goalkeeper punting or drop kicking the ball result in an indirect lick.  A foul in the goal area by a defending player will result in a penalty kick from the mark (see white spot on the field outside the goal area arc) in all age groups including U9/U10 ages.  

All field players must be 5 yards from the mark (to the side and behind the mark).

All field players must be 10 yards from the goalie when a goal kick is being played in the 7/8u age group.

If the ball hits the netting, play is restarted nearest the point where the ball touched the netting with an indirect kick by the opposing team.  Opposing team must stand at least 5 yards away (or goal line, whichever is farther) from ball on restarts.

Attacking teams awarded an indirect free kick in their attacking end must take it from the closest spot on the goal area arc from where the infraction occurred.

  1. Ball In and Out of Play: At Prohlefic Park and Rise Indoor Sports the ball in and out of play will be just like outdoors. Touchlines will be kick ins and end lines will be goal kick or corner kick.
  2. Determining the Outcome of the Game: The referee will be in control of score, clocks and scoreboards.  If a team is winning by a margin of 8 goals at any point, the losing team will be allowed to add 1 extra player on the field.  The losing team may add another player if a 9 goal margin is reached.  The addition of players will end at 2 extras.  Once, or if, the margin drops below 9 or 8, the extra player(s) must leave the field.  If there is more than a 10 point differential at the end of the game, the score will be recorded with a maximum of a 10 goal differential.

The team with the most points at the end of regulation time is considered the winner.

  1. Fouls and Misconduct: Fouls and misconduct will follow FIFA Laws of the Game as modified by the SportsPlex.  Referees have the authority to send a player off due to violent or multiple fouls. We have very low tolerance for this! Our referees are watching closely for persistent infringement!
  • Yellow Card: A player receiving a yellow card for any reason (misconduct or reckless foul) must sit for 2 minutes. The team may substitute that player.  Reckless means the player has acted with complete disregard of the danger to, or consequences for, his opponent.
  • Fouls committed by pushing (using arms) or charging (using body) an opponent into the wall or glass will be considered reckless at a minimum.
  • Red Card:  Player receiving a second yellow card or a direct red card (misconduct or committing a foul with excessive force) is ejected from the game, and will be unable to participate in the remainder of the league until he/she has a meeting with League Director to be considered for reinstatement into the league. The team may replace the removed player.  If a team receives two Red Cards in a match, the game is ended, and that team forfeits the match 10-0.  Excessive force means that the player has far exceeded the necessary use of force and is in danger of injuring his opponent.
  • If a fight occurs in a game, the game will end immediately, and the result of the game will be decided by the referee and league director (no protests will be allowed and this decision will be final).  All players involved in the fight will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game (but may be indefinitely suspended from the league – at discretion of league director).  In addition, all players and teams involved will be placed on PROBATION, in which they will be carefully watched by the league officials.
  • No sliding or playing while on the ground. This will result in an indirect kick (u7 to u12) or a direct kick (u13 to Adult) for the opposing team. Goalkeepers are permitted to slide in and around the goalkeeper box.
  • Persistent Infringement Rule: If a referee feels that a certain player continues to commit fouls, he/she may give the player a Yellow card, resulting in the player sitting out for 2 minutes. Upon re-admittance into the game, if persistent infringement continues, the player may be issued a Red card and ejected from the game. This rule is at the discretion of the referee.
  • Deliberately heading the ball is not allowed. The infraction is started with an indirect free kick from the spot of the infraction.
  • If a game is ever ended by a referee or SportsPlex staff member before the end of a match due to poor behavior by players, spectators, or coaches, the result of the game will be decided by the league officials.
  • If a coach or spectator is sent off, they must leave the building. If a spectator is sent off, the coach is responsible to make sure the spectator has left the building. If a coach is sent off, a representative of the SportsPlex will make sure the coach has left the building.

    11. Tie Breakers for League Play

  • Head to Head
  • Goal differential (up to 10 goal max per game)
  • Goals against
  • Kicks from the mark
  1. Playoff Rules: No playoff games can end in a tie.  If the game is tied at the end of regulation, sudden death overtime decides a winner.  If no winner is decided after 3 minutes, each team must remove a player from the field.  This continues every 3 minutes until someone scores.
  2. Rosters: Teams may only use players from their roster.  If a team uses a player from another team (and it has not been approved by the league director), that team forfeits the match. Forfeits are recorded as 10-0. (Please be aware that some teams have rotating rosters that have been approved by the league director). If you have any reason to believe a team is using a un-rostered player, please tell the referee during the match. There is a 24 hour window to file a complaint with the league director. NOTE:  Teams can have a maximum of 10 players, but some teams have pre-approved ‘Rotating Rosters’ between 2 teams (this is noted on their rosters), or have been approved to have 11 or 12 players due to injuries (see league director with questions in advance of season).
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